Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

You granted on the site of the National preserve “ Ancient Halych”. Revising it attentively you’ll get to know much interesting knowledge about the ancientest city over the Dnister. It is 1110 years old. Besides of it you’ll make the acquaintance with our research establishment which is 20 years old now.
There are many cities in Ukraine which have got an ordinary fate, but there are such once, glory of which outlived the centuries and presented them the universal acclaim. Surely Halych belongs to them indisputably. It was Halych which together with Kyiv, Chernihiv, Novgorod and other capital cities of Kievan Rus along the several centuries got the highest achievements in social activities of the old Rus-Ukrainians. Especially the most prominent event in Danylo Halytsky’s life was the epoch of Mongol -Tatar enslavement, when he himself, in essence, took up the banner from the hands of the authoroties of the destroyed gold headed capital of Kyiv and the Old Rus state system and held it up to the middle of the XVth century.

Halych appeared on the picturesque hills of the river Dnister between it’s right influxes of the rivers of Limnytsya and Lukwa, in place of the first primitive slavonic tribes. Numerous archaeological sights are the mute witnesses which testify about staying here annalistic ulychs, tiverts, white Croats.

Darkness of centuries covers the names of those who mortgaged the first foundations of a big city, it’s residences of unknown leaders of pedigree associations, poured the billows of defensives ramparts, which engulf the most ancient princely place curving with natural defense Krylos mounts raising over the river of Lukva and is curving around it from the East for 88 meters and has a shape of wedge. Till nowadays there have been preserved the remains of these ramparts and ditches. And only annalistic Halychyna Grave which up to now, as an enigmalic mute seeman , guarded the rest of our ancestors and testified that here lived the state man, the name of which was indissolubly related to the history of the city.

Along the centuries venerable scientists have being broken their spears-feathers, trying to explain the secret of origin of the name of the city. But they can’t come to the unit conclusion till nowadays. In fact settlements with the name of Halych there is a few, beginning with the town of district center in Kostromska region of the Russia Federation, and concluding a little village near the town of Pidhaytsy of Ternopil region in Ukraine. However these cities, townships, villages with the name of Halych appeared in the different corners of the world later than main, princely city of Halych of the XII century over the Dnister.

Halych was the capital of the mighty Halych-Volyn’ state. At one time it was the largest city of Europe, territory of which stretched out on 8,5 kilometers from the north to the south and for the 11 kilometres from the west to the east. This city agglomeration, with a center in princely Krylos is known as Large Halych, in it’s area considerably exceeded such cities of the ancient world, as Vavilon, Rome, Constantinople.

Halych was the city of king Danylo Halytsky. It gave the name to the whole region of Ukraine. Actually here was one of the most powerful cells of our state system, here the Ukrainian spirit of nation was born. Ander the leadership of the wise princes and tempered in victories of fights of the Halychyna regiments the Ukrainian spirit was born. Here in Halych the state documents were concluded and wrote Chronicles, rewrote and printed Gospel, other works of art. Here the white-rocks temples were erected, the similar to which there were no in the world. In this city the famous Halychyna architects and jewelers masters worked. Visiting Halych – the town above the Dnister you will know much more interesting things and I have used a fascinating opportunity and want to invite all of you to visit a hospitable land of ancient Halych, the princely town above the Dnister, where every inch of the land and every the smallest pebble breathes and out history. You’ll can’t but admire and examine the wonderful landscape from Krylos mount, have a look at a princely city from the height of Halych Castle.

Visit the famous Halychyna Grave, get a fresh drop of healthy water from the Princely Well and Frantsishko’s Sources. And more over try to make an excursion and travel to the slopes of Golden Tik, pray on the foundations of the Assumption Cathedral of Our Lady and in the Church of Dormition of Our Lady, visit the temple of St. Panteleymon and admire the unique landscape of an ancient and modern town of Halych over the Dnister. And be sure here you will be helped by the workers of researches and tour guides of the National preserve “Davniy Halych”, which is one of the largest in an area historical-cultural preserve in Europe