The Symbol monument «Sword and Plough»

This monument is situated on the Krylos mountain near the road L’viv - Ivano-Francivsk, opposite the Museum of folk architecture and way of life of Pricarpathian. This majestic memorable sign is built on the place, where the first line of defensives billows of Halych-Volyn state lay in princely times, it is the natural boundary of Prokaliyiv garden.


Each traveler asks himself a question, what idea is incarnated by originally planned and a accomplished composition of the monument the authors of which is the architect V Lukomsky and the sculptor P. Sopil'nyk is. The bas-relief of the memorial sign represents the historical events of the period of becoming of the Halych-Volyn state. It is the symbol of unity of all ancient cities of Rus, the names of which are incuse on an enormous sword along which it is possible to read the annalistic testifying about the Rus cities and about Halych. On the Plough which memorizes peaceful labour of farmers, mythological characters, Ancient warriors of Rus, ploughmen and a chronicler, are represented on it. Sword, stuck in earth, symbolizes the end of wars.

The building of the symbol monument began in 1985, and the inauguration of this monument which presently shows it’s beauty on all fence surrounding village took place in September 1987.




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