Halychyna Grave

In the natural boundary of Kachkiv, to the south-west of the village of Krylos in the centre of the ancient princely city of Halych, a single burial mound stands between the internal and external billows of defensives of old Halych. Time ago it was a high hill, which stood above the capital city, as though guarding approaches to it. Exactly about this hill remembered, naming it «Halychyna Grave», the chronicler, when told as about the difficult political events at the beginning of the XIII-th century.


This mention is related to the fight of Halych boyars and urban population against Uhries in 1206. At that time in Halych governed the lord of the Hungarian king Venedykt. The mockery of the conquerors vere cruel with petty bourgeois, boyars and clergy qrew into a revolt. Then Halycians invited for the help the prince from Persopnytsy town - Mstislava Yaroslavicha. On this occasion it was written down in the Halych-Volyn chronicle: «Then Illya Shepanovych got out him (prince Mstislav) on Halychyna Grave, smiled and said to him: «Princely, you have already sat on Halychyna Grave, as if had already reigned in Halych», – because they smiled at him. (Mstislav) came back to Peresopnytsy. And we later will tell about Halychina Grave and about Halych, and about its beginning». Unfortunately, his promises a chronicler did not execute his promises…

The glorious historian of Ukraine Michael Hrooshevsky considered that in Halychyna Grave the founder of Halych could be buried. The searches of Grave began at the beginning of the XIX-th century. It was searched among the burial mounds of the Krylos forest in a natural boundary of Oakery, on the place of the village of Pitrych, in Viktoriv forest and on the Krylos mountain. And only at the end of the XIX-th century T. Zemenetsky, Y. Pelensky and Y. Pasternak came to the conclusion, that Halychyna Grave is a single burial mound which is contained on the highest point in the natural boundary of Kachkiv. A Grave was explored in different years by T. Zemenetsky, Y. Pelensky and Y. Pasternak. But only in 1991–1993, when the research of an archaeological expedition worked under the direction of V. Baran and. B. Tomenchuk, it was finally found out almost all secrets of the burial mound. During excavations here in a symbolic burial place were found out tailings of burned out the hollowed ship, an equipment of the noble warrior it was dagger, edge of dart and arrows, three axes, adz, gilt of a shield, other finds, which the scientists date to the X-th century. It became clearly, that burial mound (a diameter 26 ì) on the highest point of Krylos – the place of the centre of the ancient Halych (315,8 ì) in the natural boundary of Kachkiv is the same burial place, which a chronicler remembers about, and the prince – the founder of the city could be buried there.

On the eve of the 1100-years-ancient anniversary of Halych in 1998, the sight of princely days Halychyna Grave there was made as the museum sight by the project of Z. Sokolovsky(the branch of Ivano-Francivsk institute of “Ukrzakhidproektrestavratsiya”, and it became another unique object of the Krylos mountain, adding to the display of the Museum of history of ancient Halych and the symbol of the memory about a large builder, and the unknown founder of the capital city of Halych.


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