On the north-western slope of Krylos sublimity, in a few hundreds of meters from the foundations of the Assumption cathedral since the immemorial time spurt from under the ground cold sources, which give the beginning for brooks which carry the healthful water to the annalistic river of Lukva. There were only few of them on the plateau, covered by the layer of fertile soil. That is why people from ancient times, who inhabited the Krylos mountain, saved these sources, especially cared one of them, which is now named the Princely Well.

On the big day of the celebration of the 1100-th anniversary of Halych, on Septembers, 22, 1998, in the central square of the town, near the church of the Nativity, in a solemn situation the monument to the king of Danylo Halytsky was opened.


This monument is situated on the Krylos mountain near the road L’viv - Ivano-Francivsk, opposite the Museum of folk architecture and way of life of Pricarpathian. This majestic memorable sign is built on the place, where the first line of defensives billows of Halych-Volyn state lay in princely times, it is the natural boundary of Prokaliyiv garden.


In the natural boundary of Kachkiv, to the south-west of the village of Krylos in the centre of the ancient princely city of Halych, a single burial mound stands between the internal and external billows of defensives of old Halych. Time ago it was a high hill, which stood above the capital city, as though guarding approaches to it. Exactly about this hill remembered, naming it «Halychyna Grave», the chronicler, when told as about the difficult political events at the beginning of the XIII-th century.




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