Churches of the Karmelits

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In the war-time in 1655 the church and the buildings of the monastery were blasted and emptied. The founder of the renewal of a new sacred object was the statesman Gondorf. However he had no much facilities and only in 1717 the colonel Yaroslav Haletsky began the building of a stone church. After the death of the colonel in 1720 the work was prolonged by his widow Teresa of the Kashnitsky’s family.

More late the building and decorating of the temple was realized on the offerings princes of the Yablonovskies. The monastic cells of monastery were built next to the church. On the initiative of the other proprietor of Bil'shivtsi, the last one from the family of the Yablonovskies – prince Andrey Barnabi, altars were made and the internal walls of the church were painted with frescos. On August, 15 in 1777 the temple was sanctified by the L’viv archbishop K. Tseshkovsky as the temple of Lady’s Day.

No doubt, the church of Lady’s Day in Bil'shivtsi is one of the most beautiful sights of the sacred art of Halychyna of the XVIII-th century, which was saved up to nowadays. On the basis of the scientific project documents which were developed by the specialists of L’viv institute «Ukrzakhidproektrestavratsiya» in 2002, the restoration of the church and the monasteries complex has begun near by.

The monastery of the Karmelits in Bilshivtsi was built in the first half of the XVII-th century on a high hill. Some time later it was led around by the stone walls of bricks together with a church. The height of walls in some places achieved two meters, and width – near one meter. There is only a monastery western corps of monastic cells, stages with the walls and western entrance building. A monastery was connected with the church by two gates: western and eastern. The western gate, which is placed between the corps of monastic cells and the church is the original entrance building – and it is the ground floor in an one-story lodge (the first floor is lost). Now a western corps of monastic cells of monastery is two-storeyed brick building, rectangular in a plan, located to the south side of the church in the distance nearly ten meters.

In the XIX-th century the monastery of the Karmelits in Bilshivtsi was one of the biggest in Halychyna. The Documents which were saved in the archive at the beginning of the First World war testify about it. After description in 1788, the archive counted 701 volumes of the most various materials. At the beginning of the First World war the part of documents were secretly taken out to the Bernardinsk church in L’viv. The other documents after closing of temple were passed to the L’viv scientific library named after Vasyl Stefanyk.

The monks-Karmelits published books, painted icons, took care of patients and school, at a monastery there was a refuge for wretched. Before the First world war the covent in Bil'shivtsy was the center of Catholicism in Halychyna. And today this sight of architecture is a mute witness of life and activity of monks-Karmelits.

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