The Churche of the Nativity

Nobody of researchers was lucky enough to set the date of the constructions of the church, although scientific searches lasted over two hundred years. The most reliable is, that the stone church of the Nativity was built in the XIV-th century. In 1936 Yaroslav Pasternak found the foundations of the annalistic Assumption cathedral in Krylos. This huge very beautiful temple was considered to be the princely Cathedral.

One of the researchers of the Halychyna temples Yuriy Lookomsky asserts that the composition of the church of the Nativity had a cruciform plan, there was a three domes church with a traditional entrance westerly. Later the church, was finished in the western part north and south. An annex was built very closely to the church of the Honest Cross. Neighbourhood with a monastery complicated a ceremonial round the temple, inherent as the Byzantine ceremonial. As a result the annex of the western wall became unwalked, and from the north and the south sides two doors were made.

In the XVI-th century the church of the Nativity is mentioned in the historical sources as the main cult building of the handicraft associations and workshops. The Polish king Sigizmund the III in 1593 confirmed the regulation of the pottery workshop in Halych, pursuant to the church of the Nativity, has become his property. In a year fraternities took care of the temple.

Over the XVI - XVIII-th centuries the church of the Nativity several times was destroyed by Tatars and it came even in desolation, but already in the second half of the XVIII-th century it was rebuilt and it acquired a modern sight. One of the bells for a bell tower was outpoured in 1785. Then the wooden iconostasis, was made and decorated with gold.

The church was restored in 1825. The architect Berger managed the renewal of the Church. Actually at that time in the northern and the southern sides buttresses were liquidated and in half clothing place they placed galleries for the choir.

The following history of the church is connected with the prayer of Nick Vinnitsky (1869–1929), who in 1895 became an employee, and 7 years later he became the parokh of Halych. He helped the architect of L Levytsky to restore the temple in (1904–1906). After the restoration the church purchased a modern sight. At the beginning of the XX-th century it was covered with a span roof in the western fronton. A wooden bell tower adjoined the western facade. During the restoration (1904–1906) a new dome was built, the interior was renewed. After the termination works the metropolitan Andrey Sheptitsky sanctified the church in 1906.

In political wives of the prayer of Nick Vinnitsky of the church of the Nativity was Moscwofeel. At the beginning of the First world war he co-operated with the organization of «Karpatoruskiy Liberation committee», which propagandized an association with Russia. Austrian power pursued Moscwofeels cruelly. Together with 127 habitants of Halych the prayer Nick got to the Austrian concentration camp in the town of Talergofi. In few years the prayer Nick, one of few, was succeeded to return home. On the initiative of the priest and in memory about the victims of austrian genocide near the church in 1929 a monument was erected, on which are the last 20-ty names of the habitants of Halych, who were tortured in Talergof.

In 1960 another repaing of the internal interior was renewed. The oily painting on evangelic subjects were executed by brothers of Michael and Peter Shchupaks.
Unlike the princely cathedrals of white-rocks the church of the Nativity was built from the local soft stone of marl and bricks on the lime solution. It is a valuable sight of the architecture of the late medieval ages and one of the oldest churches of Halych dean's office.

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