The foundation of the church of Lady Day

In the lower part of the village of Chetverky in Krylos, on the field of Tserkvyska, that is the left bank of the river Lukva, L. Lavretsky with the participation of I. Sharanevych in 1884-1885 years dug out the foundation lengthened with one dome white stone church. Ruins of the temple which were dug out by I. Sharanevych, are considered to be the temple of Lady Day.


In 1987 and 1990 years the church of Lady Day was repeatedly explored by an archaeological expedition from L’viv. It set that foundation outlined a stone one dome church the sizes of which is 22,75*11,00 meters (without taking into consideration the appearances of different shape). The plan structure of the temple consisted of rectangular with one dome, the antechamber and apses. The similar types of plans are characteristic for the small sacral buildings of medieval Europe. The foundation of the church of Lady Day is made of the river stones on the strong lime-sandy solution. In overhead parts of the construction the system of laying is distinctly readble by a «fir-tree» which has been well-known since the times of Ancient Rome. The fragments of the inlaid floor, concluded the ceramic tiles of different forms and colours were saved. Except for typical a lot of repeated forms, there were the so-called figured tiles with the fragments of two-color images with stamped and painted pictures.

On the basis of architectural analysis and archaeological finds archaeologists date the church of Lady Day the beginning of the XII-th century, and duration of its functioning is to the middle of the XV-th century.


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