The foundation of the church on Tsarynka

The unexpected find of a stone slab in the natural boundary of Tsarynka at the beginning of 1986 year assisted the opening of tailings of another unknown of the archaeological sight of ancient Halych. The expedition of the L’viv archaeologists found out here the tailings of the middle but rich after the decoration of a church, and more precisely the assumption temple on Tsarynka.


The plan of the temple has a form of the cross which is lengthened easterly by three apses. It is similar in a form to the plan of the church of St. Mikolay in L’viv (middle of the XIII-th century), but in an inside had two separate columns. The general sizes of the sight are – 14,6*18,9 meters building Foundation is neatly expounded in ditches wich river stones on clay. It’s width is 0,9-1,0 meters, and the depth is 0,70-0,80meters. The floor of temple was made by the limestone’s slabs in combination with the disseminations of ceramic ceramic tiles. The tiles have images of reliefs of bird-siren and vegetable decorative pattern. The walls of the church were wooden framework construction. In the inside of the sight archaeologists found out three limestone’s sarcophaguses, in which the remains of burial places are found out. Therefore, the temple was simultaneously the place of assumption.

Scientists date this church the second half of the XII-th century.


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