The foundations of the Renaissance rotunda

In the natural boundary of the Renaissance, opposite the Krylos of the centre of the ancient city of Halych, on the right side of Mozoliv stream on not very high (8-12 meters), there is the foundation of the Renaissance rotunda. Actually the attractive external lines of the knoll and its enigmatic name interested the first researchers of annalistic Halych.


L. Lovretsky dug out here in 1884 the foundation of the unknown octagonal, according to his opinion buildings. I. Sharanevych came to the conclusion, that the foundation was similar after a form and material to the church on the Ground in the natural boundary of Karpiv grove and considered the tailings of the church-rotunda, which, according to his opinion, existed yet in the XVIII-th century.

Professor V. Antonovych, who examined the dug place in 1885 considered that this foundation needs to be attributed to the stone towers of defensives. The repeated researches of unsolved rotunda of 1941 were begun by Y. Pasternak, however the Second World war enabled him to learn to the end this object. However Y. Pasternak had enough time to fix the plan of the sight and came to the conclusion, that it was a stone church or a temple. Necessary null information forced the Leningrad and L’viv archaeologists in 1989 to conduct excavations here for the third times.

Scientists came to the conclusion, that this foundation of the rounded building the external contours of which are diffuse enough and form a circle about 10 meters of a diameter. The foundation is damaged during the ploughing and after the archaeological digging out in 1884. The construction of the foundation consists of slabs of margel or opoks and river stones, soil earth and clay. No tracks of a stone building were fixed. Archaeologists did the supposition, that the building had a frame of two or tree uppercirded wooden church-temple, plan of which all was octahedral. And the material which foundation was built from specifies on relatively late time of construction. It follows to date of the building of the XIII-th century.


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