The foundations of the church of Kyril and Metodiy

The former metropolian forest Oakery is stretched out along with the right coast of the river Limnytsya to the west of Krylos. In the days of ancient Halych this territory was free of the forest, on what pointed the burial places which were found here on the burial mounds of the ІХ-Х-th centuries. In 1882 of L. Lavretsky and Yosyf Shoomlynsky found out here the massive foundation of four column and three apses of a stone church.

At first scientists considered the building those were the tailings of the Annalistic Assumption cathedral. At the beginning of the XX-th century repeatedly exposed the sight O. Pelensky. On the bases of the fundamental description of «Kirilivka» a researcher named the church of Kyrylivska.

In 1981-1984 years the ruins near the forest Oakery were explored by the archaeological detachment of the Halych archaeological expedition from L’viv. It found out such the sizes of sight 15,15*20,20 meters. Width of walls of foundation from 1,7 to 2,6 meters. The L’viv scientists delivered this sight of archaeology to the tower liked temples of new stylish direction in architecture of Ancient Rus the end of the XII-th and the beginning of the XIII-th centuries and are dated to the last third of the XII-th century.

As far as the construction of the building basis is concern, it was made very neatly – with the rows of the river stones on clay, and also lime-sandy solution with the admixtures of arboreal wood burnt pieces and burnt clay. Some features of the plan of the foundation (appearances from the shoulder-blade of walls, the pillows of posts are separately arranged, laying the river stone) specify on stile of the Halych architectural school.


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