The foundations of the church of a prophet Illya

On the hill of Ubich, which is not fa from the Krylos mountain by the Mozoliv stream, where now the road from Halych to Ivano-Francovsk passes, there is a natural boundary of Prokaliyiv garden. Here, from ancient times to the middle of the XVIII-th century, there was a monastery with the white-stone temple of a prophet Illiya.
The first excavations of the lost building were conducted by L. Lavretsky and Y. Sharanevych in 1886-1887. It appeared, that this was a rotunda to which rectangular adjoined westerly, and easterly is a half-round apse. During the researches the architectural details of the temple, fresco painting, church inventory and tailings of the stone, sarcophagus. A cathedral illustrates the frisky mutual relations of the Halych architectural school planning, build features and decoration with the west-European school of architecture.


It is Interesting to know, that the author of the First Ukrainian Constitution, hetman Phylyp Orlyk, visited the church of the prophet Illya and in his travel diary of «Diyariyakh» on March, 17 in 1721 he wrote down: «Halych, former glorious capital city, where the princes of Rus lived, and now it is a small and wretched town, where for arrival of gentry on conventions barely could hardly find an apartment.., and I, having dinner, drove out already lately, and across the very bad road could get in for half of mile to the mo nastery of Saint Illya which was not far away from the road and was related to the Krylos monastery at Halych cathedral. There, in this wretched monastery, I stayed for the night, when we arrived at night, and there were 5 monks who lived thanks for labour of their hands ».

At the beginning of the XVIII-th century the church of St. prophet Illya after the Tatar atak pogrom a bishop Yosyf Shumlyansky heaved up a prophet Illya from ruins. Fifty years later the Halicians petty bourgeois once again endowed facilities on proceeding of the temple. Unfortunately, a sacred object was doomed to death... Presently in the place of the former church of prophet Illya a symbolic memorable cross is set, and its foundations are made as the museum.




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