The first annalistic mention about the temple of our Saint Lady (Prisnodivy of Maria), or Assumption cathedral is related to the burial place here in 1187 of prince Yaroslav Osmomysl. Other writing sources tell us about triumphs on the occasion of the ceremony of inauguration in Halych Danylo Romanovych in 1208 and 1239, and also about coronation of king Koloman to be the king of Halych in 1215.

In the lower part of the village of Chetverky in Krylos, on the field of Tserkvyska, that is the left bank of the river Lukva, L. Lavretsky with the participation of I. Sharanevych in 1884-1885 years dug out the foundation lengthened with one dome white stone church. Ruins of the temple which were dug out by I. Sharanevych, are considered to be the temple of Lady Day.


The unexpected find of a stone slab in the natural boundary of Tsarynka at the beginning of 1986 year assisted the opening of tailings of another unknown of the archaeological sight of ancient Halych. The expedition of the L’viv archaeologists found out here the tailings of the middle but rich after the decoration of a church, and more precisely the assumption temple on Tsarynka.


In the natural boundary of the Renaissance, opposite the Krylos of the centre of the ancient city of Halych, on the right side of Mozoliv stream on not very high (8-12 meters), there is the foundation of the Renaissance rotunda. Actually the attractive external lines of the knoll and its enigmatic name interested the first researchers of annalistic Halych.


The former metropolian forest Oakery is stretched out along with the right coast of the river Limnytsya to the west of Krylos. In the days of ancient Halych this territory was free of the forest, on what pointed the burial places which were found here on the burial mounds of the ІХ-Х-th centuries. In 1882 of L. Lavretsky and Yosyf Shoomlynsky found out here the massive foundation of four column and three apses of a stone church.

On the hill of Ubich, which is not fa from the Krylos mountain by the Mozoliv stream, where now the road from Halych to Ivano-Francovsk passes, there is a natural boundary of Prokaliyiv garden. Here, from ancient times to the middle of the XVIII-th century, there was a monastery with the white-stone temple of a prophet Illiya.
The first excavations of the lost building were conducted by L. Lavretsky and Y. Sharanevych in 1886-1887. It appeared, that this was a rotunda to which rectangular adjoined westerly, and easterly is a half-round apse. During the researches the architectural details of the temple, fresco painting, church inventory and tailings of the stone, sarcophagus. A cathedral illustrates the frisky mutual relations of the Halych architectural school planning, build features and decoration with the west-European school of architecture.




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