The display of the museum acquaints visitors with religious and cultural traditions of Karayims, public and domestic life of Karayim society of Halych. Karayims - is a small ethnic group which combines of Judaic religion and Turkic language.

In the scientific world the dispute about the origin of Karayims does not calm down even nowadays.

The beginning of their history achieve the middle of the VIII-th century A.D. - when in Baghdad, on the territory of modern Iraq (in time of the Abbasid caliphate), Anan Ben David began the religious sermon of Anan. This man led widespread enough opposition motion in Judaism, the essence of which was a denial of the authority of Talmud. Later appendix to Ancient Testament, which unites verbal additions and interpretations of rabbis was called Talmud a Talmud. In middle ages Talmud became the basic statute of orthodox (to Rubunut- Judaism), the basis of Jewish erudition, was considered to be "Oral Tora", after authority practically equivalent "Writing Tora", or Five books. Objecting against the dominant influence of rubunut and appeared Talmud in the form of appeals to go back to the studding clean Ancient Testament. Except of the objecting of Talmud, the supporters of Anan imitated proclaimed by their teacher the principle of verbal construction of Saint Letter, and they also differed from the other Jewries Talmudists or, otherwise, Rubunuts by a number of religious practices and traditions.



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