Structure of preserve Davniy Halych

General management

The general management determines the structure of the National Preserve, sets the states, develops the plans of scientific research, engineering-production, financial and economic activity, carries out the having a special purpose programs of comprehensive research and lighting of the history of ancient Halych, provides the guard of it’s historical-cultural sights. Develops and carries out the programs of popularization of history of ancient Halych.

Department of guard of cultural legacy

The department of guard of cultural legacy is engaged in a guard and saving of cultural legacy of ancient Halych, sights of architecture, which are added in the State register of the national cultural property. In their work the employees of the department follow “The Law of Ukraine about the guard of cultural legacy”. They develop the proper documents which determine the order of accounting and passport system of sights of history and culture. The main direction of the activity of the department is providing of saving of objects of cultural legacy, their study, research, conservation, restoration, rehabilitation and museuming all of them.

Department of conservancy of the protected landscapes

The task of the department is a supervision onf the state historical natural landscapes on the territory of the National preserve "Davniy Halych", providing of their guard and rational use, exposure and research of valuable types of the flora and fauna with the purpose of their subsequent guard. The employees of the department of conservation develop and carry out the programs of popularization of the conservancy of the protected landscapes the territory of Halych district.

Department of funds

The department of funds is engaged in addition, saving and museuming of objects of museums. A fund-purchase commission which examines the question of selection and acquisition of the articles of museum value works with the purpose of forming of collections of museums. The scientists of research of the department take part in the creation of displays, give a methodical help in the study of the existent material. For saving of objects of museums the employees of the department conduct prophylactic measures, organize their restoration, canning and disinfection the department makes the control of the counting of the materials of funds, makes photos of exhibits, conducts, the cards of the certification and catalogues for all museum-pieces.

Archaeological department

Basic work of the department of archaeology is an exposure, research, attribution and guard of archaeological sights on the territory of the National preserve "Davniy Halych". To that end the employees of the department take part in protectively experimental archaeological expeditions and secret services, conduct an archaeological supervision at earthen works which are conducted on the territory of the National Preserve. Jointly with the Institute of archaeology of National Academy of science of Ukraine and of the Pricarpathian university named after Vasyl Stephanyk and historical department of the preserve “Davniy Halych” conducts systematic archaeological researches of the territory of Krylos - the centre of Ancient Halych. The research scientists of the department take part in the creation of displays of museums of National Preserve give a methodical help in the study of archaeological material, provide scientific examination of archaeological objects and materials which enter to the funds of the preserve.

Historical department

The primary aim of the activity of the department is a comprehensive research and lighting history of ancient and modern Halych, proceeding of the historical justice and discovery of the historical sources of the Ukrainian state. The employees of the department take part in an exposure and study of sights of history, archaeology, architecture and arts, which belong to the protected area, create a historical and cultural manner ethnographic environment in the region of Ukrainian Carpathians, take part in preparation of scientific, scientific methodical and scientific practical conferences, prepare the for the publication of the materials, certificates, conduct and deliver lectures and others like that.

Scientific educational department

A task of the department is the conducting of mass scientific educational work, directed on the objective illumination and popularization of history of Halych, it’s history-cultural sights. This work engulfs development of excursion routes, texts of excursions, studies of tour guides, conducting of excursions and delivering lectures, development of guide-books and booklets.

Art restoration department

A department is engaged in restoration of artistic works which enter the funds of the preserve, conducts control after their storage and exhibiting, makes models and plaster casts, carries out artistic registration of scientific and popular scientific editions, booklets, displays of the museums, constantly working and movable exhibitions.

Informatively publishing department

The main task of the informative publishing department is to popularize history of ancient Halych, it’s culture, art, to tell about work of the National preserve „Davniy Halych” and it’s structural subdivisions, to inform the public about scientific achievements of the employees of the establishment, about the new discoveries of the archaeologists, about restoration, museuming objects which have a national value and are under the guard of Preserve and others like that. The department is engaged in preparation of publishing of books, booklets, materials of conferences which are organized by the National preserve „ Ancient Halych”. Besides the department during eight years along had published a weekly newspaper "Dnister Wave", which became the noticeable phenomenon in the cultural life of the region.

Scientific methodical library

The scientific-methodical library of the National preserve "Davniy Halych" forms the funds of libraries, related to the specific activity of Preserve. Scientific and popular scientific literature, on the pages of which, the history of researches of pre-Christian and princely Halych, and the history of Halychyna and HalychVolyn principalities, late medieval and the newest Halych is represented and concentrated in its funds. Besides materials of scientific conferences which touch the researches of Halych are concentrated in the funds of the library, literature of questions of knowledge of the museums, protected business, guard of sights, theory and practice of archaeological and ethnographic researches are kept here too.

Museum of history of ancient Halych

The museum of history of ancient Halych is engaged in a study, propaganda and saving of historical values of ancient Halych. Archaeological finds, discovered during researches of Krylos centre of ancient capital city of Halych and it’s environment, are presented in a museum. The display of the museum illustrates pre-Christian and princely period of history of ancient Halych. Among collections of displays the main place is devoted to the weapon, wares of jewelers of the Halychyna artisans, ceramic tiles, architectural details with frescos from the Assumption of Our Lady cathedral. The display-room of the museum functions constantly.

Museum of folk architecture and the way of life of the Pricarpathian region

The museum of folk architecture and way of life of the Pricarpathian region reproduces the riches of culture of our region, acquaints with life and way of life of our ancestors in ancient times. Scansion excites in visitors not only the personal interest, it deeps their knowledge about the past, in which the aspects of culture and traditions of our people are intertwined which are passed from generation to generation. Through the architectural sights, articles of way of life, tools, clothes, sacral attributes, the local color of the traditional domestic culture of the Pricarpathian region is reproduced.

Museum of the Karayim history and culture

A museum was founded in June in 2003 Basic directions in work of the museum is an exposure, research and popularization of cultural legacy of Halych Karayim society. The museum includes: the display halls are in a house No 33 Christmas square ( the opening of display took place in autumn, 2004), ten Karayim houses belonging to the beginning of the XX-th century in Karayim street, foundations of the Karayim temple blasted in 1985 – cenasa (is planned to make them as the objects of the museum and to set up the memorial plague), Karayim cemeteries in the village of Zalukva and in Halych (Zamkova street ). Especially actual activity of the museum is today - at the time, when Karayim society completes the existence in Halych.

Financial-economy department

Provides the organization of the record-keeping and carries out the control after the rational use of the financial and labors resources.

Engineer-production department

Watches after the conducting of works of repairing and repair-restorations, controls providing of the materials and equipment. Gives the advices to the economic service in implementation of works, necessary for providing of the normal functioning of other departments.

Economic department

The economic department carries out the financial providing of activity of the National Preserve “Davniy Halych”.




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