National preserve Davniy Halych

National preserve "Davniy Halych" is created pursuant to the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministries of Ukraine from February, 8, 1994 No 81 "About the state historical-cultural preserve in town of Halych of Ivano-Frankivsk region" and by the “ Decree of President of Ukraine from October, 11, 1994 No 587/94 "About the national cultural establishments" and it is responsible to the Ministry of culture and arts of Ukraine now it is the Ministry of culture and tourism National preserve “Davniy Halych” exists on the base of the complex of sights history and culture united between themselves historically and landscape. National preserve “Davniy Halych is cultural, educational and research establishment.

The main purpose of the National preserve is an exposure, research, saving, popularization and use of cultural legacy of ancient Halych.

Ancient Halych was the capital of Halychyna, and later Halych-Volyn principality. Now it is a unique historical-archaelogical sight property of all Ukrainian value. In 1994 on the basis of complex of historical and cultural sights ( XI-XVII ) centuries a state historical-cultural preserve was founded due to the “ Decree of President of Ukraine” it has got a national status and the official modern name was given to it.

Here you can see the churches of St. Panteleymon (XII century), the church of the Nativity (XIV-XVI centuries), the Dormition Cathedral of Our Lady (XVI century), the church and monasterial complex of saint Karmelits’ (XVII century), here is Halychyna Grave mentioned in Halych-Volyn chronicles, legendary Princely well, foundations of the majestic Assumption cathedral of the XII century with the burial-place of prince Yaroslav Osmomysl and the Chaple of St.Basil (XV century) in the village of Krylos, which is on the territory of the preserve of “Davniy Halych”. The system of a few powerfull rows of defensives ramparts is saved up to now in Krylos. The princely court, Assumption Cathedral of Our Lady churches, monasteries, boyards’ and handicrafts men’s courts were found there. On the picturesque hill over the Dnister there is the renewed Halych Castle the welcoming card of the town, the monumental sight of the IX-XIII-XVII centuries. Besides of it,on the territory of the preserve there are more over 200 archaeological sights which certify the stages of origin and further development of the historical town of Halych.

In the whole, unlike other Ukrainian cities and towns, where the cultural layer of the last centuries in swingeing majority is very damaged, and even fully destroyed by underground communications and modern buildings, princely Halych saved treasures of an ancient culture up to nowadays. A complex research expedition, work of which is managed by the actual member of ICOMOS O. B. Berehovsky, is engaged in the study of sights of ancient Halych.

Now the sights of Halych are being carefully saved and restored. During 1995-2005 the historical center of ancient Halych and its places of interest restored: Church of St. Panteleymon, Dormition Cathedral, Chapel of St. Basil and many other sights of folk architecture. In the central of the town a monument is set to the prominent statesman of ancient Rus-Ukraine to the king Danylo Halytsky. Presently Halych Castle is in the stage of restoration, the Karmelits church in Bilshivtsi, the foundations of Dormition Cathedral of Our Lady is made like a museum property in Krylos.

General management of the National preserve “Davniy Halych” is situated to address:

St. 1. Ivan Franko, Halych, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine-77100

Phone:+38 /03431/ 2-16-63, 2-14-58, 2-18-03, 2-19-91.

Phone/fax +38 /03431/2-14-58, 2-19-91.

Е-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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