Potashnyk Yaroslav Mykolayovych


In 1987 he graduated from the Kyiv state Korniychuk univercity of culture on the speciality "Film director".

He worked as a professor in the Kalush cultural-educational college, was a head of the culture department in Kalush city executive committee, he also was a chief of scientific-methodological cultural centre of Prikarpat'e, a subhead of Ivano-Frankovsk region musical-dramatic Franco theatre, a head of internal politics department of Galich district state administration. He united the office work with the journalism in the editorial office of Kalush television, television and radio broadcasting company "RAY" and a news paper "The word of Galich".

He was a member of the theatre union. He created dozens of thetre roles, television and radio projects, journalistic materials, historical sketches, articles.
Since 2012 -- he is a head of the Karaim history and culture Museum of the National reserve park "Antient Galich".




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