Pobutsky Semen Omelyanovych is a deputy of the general director of the scientific department of the National preserve “Davniy Halych”.

PhD in history.

In 1999 he graduated from the National Precarpathian University named after Vasyl Stephanyk in Ivano-Frankivsk, the historical department. 

Since 1999 he has being worked as the assistant of the scientific department and now he is the manager of the education scientific department of the National preserve “Davniy Halych”. Recently he finished the post-graduate course of the National pedagogical University named after M.P. Drahomanov in Kyiv and defended his thesis (dissertation) on the subject of “Religion and Culture of Halych and Halych-Volyn principality of the XII-XIV-th centuries”. He is awarded the Deed of the Ministry of culture and art of Ukraine

Phone.: +38 /03431/ 2-18-96; 2-19-91 (fax).



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